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In a message dated 97-03-25 07:04:36 EST, Jeff Krienes wrote:

<< [My usual signature line has been deleted in posts to the TIG at the 
 insistence of Rob Lingelbach, who felt that it was "advertising."  I 
 strongly disagree with Rob, but, to paraphrase Mencken, I try never to 
 fight with people who buy bauds by the barrel.  (deletia)  

So, Rob, while I am trying hard to honor your request, I can not do it in
 silence.  Feel free, everyone, to contact me if you agree or disagree.]  >>

For what it's worth, I suggest you should try harder, and quieter.  

Christopher Bacon

mailinglist digest available......advertising *not* on this list; post
marketing-oriented messages to 'telecine-announce at alegria.com' after 
making the required support contribution..inquiries to rob at alegria.com