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3-line VITC

As a newcomer to the group, I have read the discussions about 3-line VITC.
It strikes me that everyone refers to Aaton and Evertz. Have anybody heard
about Arricode?
At NRK we use only Arri cameras with TC and an Alpermann+Velte TC 16 FD
TC-reader/generator to make the 3-line VITC. Today we don't use the keycode
for anything, we only use the film-TC for sound syncing.
I would be interested in getting contact with anybody using the same
equipment. It seems very strange for example that I hav to use one separate
VTR only to generate TC for VITC-line 1.

Hans Petter Birkeland		|	Phone +47 23 04 97 03
NRK, Norway			|	Fax   +47 23 04 78 90
				|	Hans.Petter.Birkeland at nrk.no

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