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Re: Spirit, Light Bulbs, etc...

You didn't think I would be quiet did you.

Look guys, we are always going to have our differences about ccd
machines versus flying spot.  It's like democrats & republicans.

The only winner is the one with the room being utilized the most,
most telecines give the client what they want, some go beyond that
and give some of us what we want with an eye toward the future. 
(HR1440 & Spirit)

Just because you don't have one of these (HR1440/Spirit) it doesn't
mean a thing.
The clients come to you because they trust your judgement in choices in
equipment, color and they like your personality.

We all know faults of each machine, we made our choices and are trying
to defend those to this group and also our clients.

I work on alot of high end work from all over the country and I am
pleased with the flying spot technology. It offers me the flexability I
need to
do the job the way I think is best. 

If you spent your million plus and your happy, God Bless You!, I wish
you all the best of luck. All I know is that I spent $330,000. for the
HR1440 and I can't be any busier.  

When is everyone going to realize that it's not the machines it's the

 Well the roll is near the end, I must get back to work...happy hagling

P.S. You must Visit the HR1440 at NAB in the Tekniche booth to compare
flying spot to a spirit.

I have no affiliation with any of the above manufactuers.

alex scudiero

i^3 Chicago

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