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Kindler, Gentler, Quietler....

Rob, et al:

I received a very convincing argument via EMail against the use of a long 
sig line -- it becomes a bandwidth issue, especially when archiving.  So, 
I have pared my sig to near-nothingness, and may  eliminate it entirely.  
Yes, this place really should remain pure and free of commerce (though 
that's hard in an area where any real information might also have 
commercial value).  Some members here work hard to keep their posts clean 
of this, and that is to be lauded.

I'd like to publicly apologize to Rob for my little outburst.  It's been 
a busy time, and I usually answer Email at 4 AM when I should be 
sleeping, so perhaps I was in a state of caffeine-deprivation when I 
wrote.  But no excuses!  I am here to learn and to make stupid jokes (no, 
I will not stop that!), but not to advertise, so I will do my best to 
refrain from anything that reeks of commerce.

I know many people here spend all day looking at (and making beautiful, 
when possible) fragments of tv commercials, so the last thing that they 
want at night is anything at all "commercial." It's like a friend of mine 
in Nashville, a music mastering engineer, who doesn't listen to music at 
home or in the car...  enough is enough.  Another reason to keep this 
place pure.

It's the temple of telecine, really.   Or is it the sanctuary of cinema?  
The church of colorimetry?  The mosque of motion pictures?  The altar 
of...  well, you get the idea.

Rob, I'd also like to congratulate you on your upcoming marriage.  (Read 
about it in Options Newsletter.  Speaking of which, it'd be nice if they 
ID'd the photos so we knew who was who!  Eh, Donna? ;-)    )

So, chastened and with my tail between my legs, I go...  chanting 
"commercial-free, commercial-free, commercial-free...."

Jeff "SIG line?  I don' need no steeeenking SIG line" Kreines

mailinglist digest available......advertising *not* on this list; post
marketing-oriented messages to 'telecine-announce at alegria.com' after 
making the required support contribution..inquiries to rob at alegria.com