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Telecine Fun Night - NAB '97

Just a reminder of the upcoming Telecine Fun Night to be held during NAB '97.
 This party is sponsored (equally) by Options and various manufacturers of
products which we represent... as a token of appreciation for our customers'
continued support.

The party will be held at the Aladdin Hotel on Tuesday (April 8th) from
6:30pm-10:30pm.  If you plan to attend, please see one of the party sponsors
to obtain an Invitation (which has a map on the back with the exact location)
and a Pass Badge (which is required for entry to the party).  These need to
be obtained during Show hours on Monday or Tuesday (the earlier the better,
as these are limited).  The other sponsors and their locations during NAB

VTK   (Booth #4653)                              Lipsner-Smith  (Booth #7345)
Video Post  (Booth #4653)                     Kinescope   (Booth #4653)
VTA Tech.  (Booth #4653)                      Evertz    (Booth #7160)
Steadi-Film  (Booth #4653)                     DGS Ltd.   (Booth #4653)
SADiE    (Booth #1001)                          DAV     (Booth #4653)
Ross Video   (Booth #8354)                    Cintel Ltd.   (Booth #6543)
Pandora   (Booth #4559)                         Cintel Inc.   (Booth #6543)

On behalf of the entire group of sponsors... we look forward to seeing you at
the Telecine Fun Night.

Options Int'l  (Booth #4653)

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