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RE: Spirit DataCine Questions

Steve Russell wrote

3. Image Rotation. This option is complete. First installation was at VTR,
London last week.

4. Data output is complete, and ready for shipment, ( It was actually
shown at IBC 96 working, but this was an early alpha version - the final
version is now complete )

5. Filters for CCD machines. South London Filters make sets for the
Quadra, and have another set under test, which will be shortly available
for the Spirit DataCine.

Steve , Dont want to damp your reply to much but....

3.   Rotation is installed as beta software with limited range of 45 degrees
and seems to works well at that.

4. Again beta software installed and as yet we have not yet proved its 

5. We are currently working with South London Filters , who have supplied us 
with some promising filters for the future. They do not work exactly as the 
Quadra due to dimensional differences. We hope that Kodak can help along with 
Phillips to incorporate some mechanical modifications in order that the 
filters can be used.

In a matter of a few days we hope to have more positive news on all these 

regards    Graham Collett

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