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re: NAB focus sheet and TIG FAQ

Rob you wrote,

>In the meantime, it might be worth pointing out that the Telecine
>Internet Group is at about 700 subscribers.  When you post a message,
>try to visualize yourself standing up to speak in front of 700 people,
>in a large hall.  Respect the general intelligence of these people,
>many of whom are quite accomplished in their field.
>I can even recommend a quick look at the subscriber list
>('http://www.alegria.com/telecine/who.refer.html') if you have any
>doubts about the appropriateness of your posting.
>This is not to say we can't enjoy ourselves, Ortonically speaking.

Thank you.  Someone needed to say this, and who better than a master of tact
and good taste?  

I think I'm due on my contribution for this year.  Anyone else?

Dean Humphus

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