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16x9 for widescreen

Can someone help Ivor?

--- Forwarded mail from ivor at vljhb.vlg.co.za (Ivor Westpfahl)

We at Video Lab are doing our first 16x9 for widescreen telecine 
transfer.  I have the specs as 3.125 for backporch and 12.125 for 
frontporch.  So basically we zoom back and stretch vertically to full 
screen.  The active picture is therefore 48micro sec instead of 52micro sec.
I have done the blanking width adjustments using a WFM601 to get an 
o/p with syncs and an oscilloscope to measure accurately.  This 
seemed the best way to do the  setup with no coders putting syncs in the 
wrong place and keeping close to the digital domain.
Unfortunately the recording has been measured as being very different 
by the acceptance facility.  The test was remeasured on our side and 
no fault could be found,  until we looked at the composite o/p of the 
Digi Betacams.  They are different to the WFM601 regarding the 
position of sync to picture.
Has anyone done this and where do you do the measurement?
Ivor Westpfahl
The Video lab
South Africa

--- End of forwarded message from ivor at vljhb.vlg.co.za (Ivor Westpfahl)

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