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Rank Wet Gates

Hello, all:

I am trying to find out who is still making 35mm wet gates for Ranks, er, 
Cintels.  Peterson International's phone number has been disconnected 
(not an encouraging sign) and I am trying to help someone who really does 
want a full immersion gate, as opposed to an electronic fix.

New or used is fine, does Schmitzer still make them?  Any advice 

Speaking of electronic fixes, has anyone out there tried the Philips VS4 
for scratch removal?  Any idea how it compares to Digital Vision's box?  
I see the virtues of an electronic solution -- as it can also deal with 
printed-in scratches, and scratches on previously telecine'd material 
(tape to tape).
But there's nothing like the smell of perc in the morning....

Jeff "wet or dry, I'm not the guy" Kreines

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