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re:Rank Wet Gates

     Jeff wrote:
     >I am trying to find out who is still making 35mm wet gates for 
     >Ranks, er, Cintels.  Peterson International's phone number has 
     >been disconnected (not an encouraging sign) and I am trying to 
     >help someone who really does want a full immersion gate, as 
     >opposed to an electronic fix.
        Peterson is still in business.  I know because we a dealing with 
     them on some Wet Gate printers in our lab.  I can't swear that they 
     are still making Wet Gates for telecine. 
     Try this number  708-541-3700.  This is the number I have BUT it could 
     have been changed(working nights I leave these mundane details to 
     others and just get the work done).  If I find that this is a bad 
     number I will notify you.
     Rick Anthony
     Duart Film & video

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