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Re: fanning the flames

Randy Reck wrote:
>  What color corrector
> are you using?

I am using a Pogle Controler and a Russell Square.  But before hitting
my RSQ we use a DVNR 500.  Everything in line from the TK out is 422. 
(I am wondering if this might start an argument in itself!).
This was where the misunderstanding was with BTS. They assumed that we
would be using either a 444 NR or a 444 colour corrector.  NAB is next
week so my hired hands will be looking into the problem for me as I
cannot go!  I have no doubt in my mind that we will take the 444 signal
and filter it correctly before hitting the DVNR.  Its now just a matter
of seeing what box is available at what price.  I know about the BTS
booster, and Video Engineering has something with their 444 legaliser,
so I really want know about Leitch and others. 

> Your reluctance to use that "4:2:2" half of the 4:4:4 signal without its 0:2:2
> compliment is well founded. 

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