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>> > The buyers of both Cintel and Brimar
>are a group of investors called something like "III (eye,eye,eye) or
>"Triple I".  

Hmm.  Not the TIG's own I-Cubed out of Chicago, is it?  Alex????   ;-) <<

I'm afraid not.   Sorry to be boring but the company is normally called
3i (Three I) and is a venture capitalist based in the UK backed by several
of the major high street banks.

It had quite a presence in the media sector in the 80's then pulled the
plug on most of its interests in the UK depression in the early 90's.   A
phrase with the words "barge pole" in it might be quite appropriate when
talking about them.

I hope the management of the rumoured new Cintel and Brimar concerns
have taken note of quite recent history.

Jim Guthrie
Sprockets & Bytes Ltd.,
Bristol, Denham, UK

  E-mail from: Jim Guthrie, 30-Mar-1997

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