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Re: Spending $$$$ to get 422!

grant.petty at nexus.net.au wrote:
> How about getting a 4:4:4 input for your DVNR Ken, that way when you
> upgrade in the future you don't have to throw anything away.
This is kinda true, however in terms of my personal experience of the
1000 while in Brazil, I can really percieve no difference in the NR
abilities of it and the 500, so consequently didn't feel the need to
spend the substantial extra money on the 1000. In a year or so the
situation may be different, if we go for other options.  Anyway, the
idea to upgrade to a 1000 just for this is crazy (BIG $$) as there has
to be a box on the market which is substantialy cheaper, as you say its
not a difficult or complex thing to do.

> Also, I did not know that the Quadra did not have a proper color bandwidth
> reduced 4:2:2 output, I think that is a bit slack on their part.
Well..........................!  Over to you Mr. Russell!
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