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Quadra filtered 4:2:2 output

In response to Ken Robinson I offer the following for comment.

The Quadra does have a correctly filtered 4:2:2 output, but it is derived
after the post store processor option which most customers do not
purchase. The machines standard output is 4:4:4:4 and there is no
provision to filter the link A portion of this signal into a correct 4:2:2
signal. This is not a simple task of throwing away samples and would
require some additional signal processing. There is no room for this in
the existing Quadra platform, and the original design required the Link A
and Link B signals to be passed  ( un-filtered ) to the Post store
processor option before making it to the output.

The Quadra machine Ken has, and in fact the machine most customers
purchase has no need for the Post store processing as this is replaced
by a external secondary color corrector. Most customers ( no
dis-respect Ken ) prefer to feed 4:4:4:4 into the color corrector so this
has not been a major issue in the past. We do have an external solution
for filtering in terms of a booster box which takes in the 4:4:4:4 signal
and provides a correctly filtered 4:2:2 output.

We have little demand for a filtered 4:2:2 output from basic machines,
and therefore cannot justify developing this - and we have a solution
which is available from Philips which works externally.

We should have asked more detailed questions when configuring the
machine for Ken, had we known it was to be a 4:2:2 installation we
would have packaged the booster box in with the machine.

Steve Russell
Marketing Manager - Film Imaging Products

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