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RE: KeyKode on VITC

The simplest of answers is there is a VITC on/off button on the 4025. 
This turns the VITC keyer on and off.  You should already have video
wired to the VITC generator input if you followed the wiring diagram in
the 4025 manual.  The VITC lines need to be set using the TIMECODE menu.

In more detail, there are many different ways of encoding VITC using the
4025.  I suggest the 3 line VITC format as it is the most comprehensive,
and the easiest to decode by our Afterburner reader, AVID and Lightworks
systems etc.  In this mode VTR time code will go into line 1, KeyKode
into line 2 and Audio/production timecode into line 3.  Again you need
to set the lines up - recommend 18, 19 20 for NTSC.

If you have more specific questions please feel free to email us


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>Can anybody tell me ( a new comer) how to put the KeyKode number on the
>VITC by using Evertz systems during Telecine transfer?  
>Warmest Regards,
>Brian T.
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