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NAB97 telecine focus sheet (FINAL)

Final version NAB97 telecine focus sheet follows.  The purpose of this
sheet is to provide, for those visitors to NAB who have little time,
the ability to focus on the telecine products that are most

Options International will again be providing a contribution box for anyone 
who would like to drop off their annual contribution to the TIG.  
Details on the costs of running the TIG are available on the webpage.


Aaton 				booth 6543 (Cintel)
		--the end of audio preroll: flash synchroniser (<20ms)
			for AatonCode (ArriCode) and DigiSlates.
	   	--RGB density measurement on Kodak GrayCard+, automatic 
			window insertion of exposure values for DPs.
		--New logging list for direct communication of RGB 
			values to AVID film & media composers.

AVD                             booth 8817 (Tekniche)
        HR1440 neon 
		--cell box & pickup device improvements
		--new framestore from Tekniche 
        VECTA 8:4:4/4:4:4/4:2:2 still store
		--includes full-featured character generator
        Mountain Gate 8:4:4, 4:4:4 VDR
	Digital Vision 8:4:4 noise and dirt concealment
	daVinci color corrector with 8:4:4 I/O

Cintel 				booth 6543
	Ursa Diamond
	C-Reality film scanning
	Klone with Iron
	TKG exposure report generator

CMP3 Technology			booth S4372 (Sands)
	New Film Cleaner
		--full-immersion, multi-solvent

ColorVision			booth S1242 (Sands)
		--in-line component Digital Color Corrector
		  4:4:4:4/4:2:2 Dual Standard
		--tape-to-tape Color Corrector including Power Windows
		  525/625 & HD
	System Copernicus
		--new GUI, VSR, Prime Windows, Legalizer; 525/625 & HD

daVinci                         booth 9925
                --resolution independent color correction
                --user-definable windows
        (10 systems on show floor including 3 at Cintel booth, Philips,
                Kodak, Tekniche)

Evertz				booth 7160
	Key-Log Tracker  (new GUI)
	New firmware for 4025

Innovation TK                   booth s2444 Sands
        latest TWiGi
                ..on URSA at Cintel booth
                --vertical aliasing fix
                --increases tube's light output
                --decreases granularity
        Lens Barrel
                --fix for URSA geometry errors

Kodak				booth 10640

Lipsner-Smith			booth 7345
	New Film Cleaner
		--full immersion, multi-solvent
Options				booth 4653
	PIN +
		--new RTS/Steadi combo gate
	Pin Reg gate for FDL90/Quadra telecines
	KeyKode/ARRI Timecode combo 16/35 heads/decoder (Evertz)
	CDK-104 Telecine Switcher

Pandora				booth 4559
		--latest version of PLATINUM on SGI
		--color-space interpreter ensuring color legality
		--new digital version of Lionel ECG (4:4:4/4:2:2)
		--full-range primary color corrector for edit suites
		--technology demo of realtime film-res color
			correction system launching IBC 97

Philips				booth 9901
		--525/625/HD, D1/D5 for compressed HD recording
	Spirit in private room
		--525/625/HD (viewing only)/data
		--D1/Data, Pogle Platinum w/DCP
	Quadra in booth
		--525 /625, D1/Digital Betacam for recording, daVinci DUI

Ross Video			booth 8354
	CDK-104 Telecine Switcher

Sprocket Digital                booth 6860
        CARNIVAL technology
                --high performance A-D conversion for Ursa & MkIII
                --low noise PMT preamp for Ursa & MkIII
                --proprietary low-noise AFTERGLOW correction for 
                        Ursa & MkIII
                --burn correction/film element shading correction for
        RG177D/A digital/analog reticle generators

Tube Enhancement		booth 6860
	AFD-Platinum Universal CRT
	New: Shielded, Deflection Yoke and Focus Coil Assembly for Ursa

VAS Group			booth 11938
	New D1 output option for RTC HD3:2 (HDTV) downconverter
	AD4x a-to-d digital video converter

Videotek			booth 8534
		--full-range primary color corrector with adjustable
			4:4:4 RGB clips for digital edit suites
	DPA-100 digital proc amp with composite legalizer

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