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Cheap Telecine

Here's an interesting news item:

Hale-Bopp Industries are said to be launching a telecine priced under
$10,000.  Its low cost is made possible by using an entirely new scanning
principle in which the film is passed between the active-matrix display
panels of two laptop computers.  One of these panels is connected with the
polarity of its power supply leads reversed, causing it to act as a pickup

Its exceptional stability, which will make pin gates and super servos
unnecessary, is achieved by a very unusual threading path which involves a
3 1/2 turn wrap around the capstan.  Because the capstan is a bit larger
than normal (just over 2.6 meters diameter) the H-B spokesman said they are
expecting some complaints -- except from manufacturers of leader.

So far, none of the color corrector manufacturers has announced any plans
to interface to this new device, which is not expected to be shown at NAB. 
In fact, no systems are likely to be available at least until April 1st
next year.


Poisson D'Avril

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