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Re: Cheap Telecine

Craig Fearing  4/1/97 13:11  wrote:

> Hale-Bopp Industries are said to be launching a telecine priced 
> under $10,000.  Its low cost is made possible by using an entirely 
> new scanning principle in which the film is passed between 
> the active-matrix display panels of two laptop computers. 

You are now in Dire Straights:
I have been told that Halley Inc. will vigorously react to this
launch and will sue H-B for patent infringement (film passing 
between two active-matrix display panels) and you Craig for
trade secret violation (inversion of the pickup panel leads).


P.S. On our side we decided to stop all further R&D efforts 
on Keylink.  H-B laboratories are advancing so fast 
we can't even think to compete.

Jean-Pierre Beauviala                    http://www.aaton.com

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