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Cintel Sale

I note the various comments made on the TIG regarding Cintel changing
ownership again  and thought just a word or two from me would  be in order.

First, we will formally release a statement in the very near future.

Second, 3i's is a major venture capital operation and not as stated by one
party, quote "backed by several major high street banks".  3i's is a
publicly quoted 
company and I think the largest venture capital operation in the UK if not

Third,  NAB just happens to be in April and this buy-out is going to
coincide about the same time - pure coincidence and it will have no effect
on our ability to perform positively at NAB or in the future!

Finally, I for one am very pleased, highly motivated and can't wait for the
day when I actually end up buying my little share of this fantastic company
and I am sure that applies to all of the senior management at Cintel.   For
those that have wished us luck and good fortune, many thanks indeed.

See you at NAB.


David Fenton
Cintel International

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