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Re: Cheap Telecine

> Craig Fearing  4/1/97 13:11  wrote:
> Hale-Bopp Industries are said to be launching a telecine priced
> under $10,000.  Its low cost is made possible by using an entirely
> new scanning principle in which the film is passed between
> the active-matrix display panels of two laptop computers.

	Don't let the low cost fool you.  From speaking to Hale-Bopp's
Assistant Chief Field Engineer at their Southern North Dakota Regional
Office, I've learned that maintenance costs can be pretty steep.  The
telecine's muffler bearing is of rather poor design, and tends to wear
out frequently.  This cost, combined with the bi-weekly updates of the
Java plug-ins for the two laptop computers, will quickly eat up any
savings you may have gained in the initial purchase.  As with all
purchases in this area, Caveat Emptor.

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