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My Fellow Colorists:
     I would like to take this opportunity to share my fortune with 
each of you.
     For the past nine years, I have worked at Modern Video in 
Philadelphia, a very nice place by all means but not exactly modern: 
we just got our first digital machine (DigiBeta, and one of them) a 
few months ago.  I have been working on an original Mk III with Digi4 
and Metaspeed, and a classic DaVinci.  
     Today I gave notice.  Another facility in the area, Shooters 
Post and Transfer (that's the new name!), is installing a Phillips 
Datacine under DUI 8:8:8 control (on the O2 platform and with the new 
panels), and I am to be operating this behemoth.  I am very excited 
to be given the chance to operate this advanced technology.     If 
any of you out there have any tips, stories, or suggestions relevant 
to this kind of job change, I'd be most happy to hear them!  Thanks 
to the kind folks at DaVinci, I already have the DUI operator's 
manual.  It seems that while there are some elements still extant 
from the classic, this is indeed a whole new ball game. 
      I am so excited!  Professional nirvana, I guess.  I just wanted 
to share my good fortune with all of you.  I remember that a few 
months ago there was a lot of DUI discussion going on, and I popped 
in to point out the "little guys in the trenches", those of us who 
did not have access to the state of the art but put out the pictures 
as best as we could, day by day.  I'm here to tell you there can 
indeed be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
     Thanks for letting me share - those of you going to NAB can see 
our new Spirit on the floor at the BTS booth!  Let me know how it 

Yours in exhilaration,
Bob Lovejoy

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