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1 fld ripple in AVID


This is a question to those in TIG-land more knowledgeable than myself on
the Avid Media Composer and it's ability to ripple the raw footage list by
one field.

Here's the scenerio:  Two tapes were generated during dailies, one a Digital
Beta and one a Betacam SP.  The Betacam SP has been found to have some edits
where the film pulldown required field two but the Betacam forced a field
one edit.  For those edits in question, the two tapes would not match.   Is
there a known fix for this once the Beta SP has been digitized?  It is not
known which edits may be off until the DigiBeta footage is viewed and

This problem occured, BTW, because the BetaSP D75 (digital I/O) machines do
not let the editor determine field dominance dynamically.  The Digital Beta,
of course, does not have this problem, apparently, I've been told, niether
does the older analog Betacam SP's.

Your informed reply would be appreciated.

Dean Humphus

thanks to Rich Torpey & Shaley Brooks for their support of the TIG in 1997
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