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Re: 1 fld ripple in AVID

Dean Humphus wrote:
>Here's the scenerio:  Two tapes were generated during dailies, one a Digital
>Beta and one a Betacam SP.  The Betacam SP has been found to have some edits
>where the film pulldown required field two but the Betacam forced a field
>one edit.  For those edits in question, the two tapes would not match.   Is
>there a known fix for this once the Beta SP has been digitized?  It is not
>known which edits may be off until the DigiBeta footage is viewed and

If the DigiBeta and the Betacam SP were recording the same material at the
same time, the field sequence will be the same. Only the edit IN point will
be modified.

If these are dailies and you are making the edit at a scene change the AVID
will assume that the first field in the film transfer list is an A frame
and may digitize the one stray field at the head of the BetaSP that isn't
in the (master?) DigiBeta. You probably don't care. The remaining field
sequence of the clip is consistant with the AVID expectations and the clip
will digitize accuratly. If the possibility of the first frame of the clip
being different from the master is a problem, trime the IN point of all FTL
events by 5 frames to keep the pulldown sequence. Better, set a marker in
the clip after digitizing to hide the possible first wrong frame.

If you are making inframe pickup edits that will within a digitized clip,
the wrong IN field of the SP tape will not be a problem as the material
before the edit is (we hope) part of the continuous film frame sequence -
no problem.

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--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood

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