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I was only there for a day, but here are some personal impressions.  

C-Reality from Cintel, a new scanning telecine: 2k in all channels at
6 fps-- well done, and about time.  Won't be available for 12 months or
so, however, which works out to about 5 pixels per day resolution.

Pogle Platinum: what an extremely well-engineered interface.  There
are several impressive features, including a fully networked
environment among telecine suites, allowing colorists to share files,
notes, & configurations... the ability to have simultaneous access to
alternate event lists... a fully configurable/customizable control
window... multiple source deck control.  Bob Festa and I agreed that
the difference between Pandora's DCP control and that of our current
and usual color correction environment (daVinci) that we can only
marvel at the different worlds in which colorists move.  Does anyone
use both systems in the same day?

AVD's VECTA 8:4:4/4:4:4/4:2:2 still store: this is the nicest 
telecine still store I've ever seen, and is a product filling a large
hole.  Reasonably priced.

Options' PIN +: RTS/Steadi combo gate-- if this works as Brian Brown
says it will, it is my gate of choice.

I didn't get a chance to see enough with my limited time, and would
like to hear impressions of daVinci's EDWin, Philips' Spirit, and
Cintel's Diamond.

Thank you to Options for a fun Fun Night and some help collecting a
few contributions to the TIG.

Congratulations to Paul Grace for having won the 1997 Nerdie Award--
may I point out Paul, that it's a distinction not necessarily without
its dubiousness, in eyes of different foci ;-).

My opinions are my own, and not subject to influence by any


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thanks to Peter Wallace, Deidre McClelland and Gary Little at Digital 
Post in Auckland for their support of the Telecine Internet Group in 1997

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