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Re: NAB97

>C-Reality from Cintel, a new scanning telecine: 2k in all channels at
>6 fps-- well done, and about time.  Won't be available for 12 months or
>so, however, which works out to about 5 pixels per day resolution.

What sort of price range?  Will it also do regular telecine and HDTV 
telecine at normal speed?  I.E., is it the same sort of thing, with a 
Cintel twist, as the Spirit, or is it more of a scanner to be used in 
addition to your URSA Diamond, like a Klone?  Is it CRT-based?  Is this 
the new mirrorless machine we've been hearing about?

Jeff "diamonds on a zirconia budget" Kreines

thanks to Peter Wallace, Deidre McClelland and Gary Little at Digital 
Post in Auckland for their support of the Telecine Internet Group in 1997
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