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JKreines at aol.com wrote:
> >C-Reality from Cintel.....
> What sort of price range?  Will it also do regular telecine and HDTV
> telecine at normal speed?  I.E., is it the same sort of thing, with a
> Cintel twist, as the Spirit, or is it more of a scanner to be used in
> addition to your URSA Diamond, like a Klone?  Is it CRT-based?  Is this
> the new mirrorless machine we've been hearing about?

        The machine is still CRT based, using a slightly larger CRT than
before.  The CRT lies sideways on the right side of the machine, the
film plane lies vertically in the center, and the cell box is on the
left, resulting in a optical path without any mirrors, beyond I suspect
the dichroics used to split RGB in the cell box.  The cell box is
claimed to use solid state sensors, and rumor has it that they're cooled
below room temperature to reduce noise.  My guess is some of the recent
solid-state avalanche photodiodes.  Hopefully we'll see fewer shading &
thermal drift quirks.
        For the time being, the machine only seems to operate at 6 FPS,
with a
resolution of 2K x 2K.  We've been told that I/O options will allow it
to also run at 525 or 625 line resolution at the film speeds we've been
used to on the Ursa.
        Official guesstimates as to cost is about 25% than an Ursa Gold,
both the telecine and for the CRTs.  And the machine comes with, get
this, built in primary & secondary color correction with windowing!  For
facilities who only plan to use these machines I guess that would be OK,
but for places such as ours that already have an assortment of telecines
running on DaVincies and/or Pogles, the last thing we need is an oddball
correction system that's not compatible with the other bays.  Hopefully
it will be available without the extra built-in color corrector &
        Shipping dates were stated as "more than 6 months, but not more
than 12
months" away.
        The C-Reality is obviously not yet ready for delivery; other
formats still have to be dealt with, DaVinci & Pandora need to be able
to control it, and the vertical stability is still very poor.  If the
machine does become available for not much more than the Ursa Gold,
however, the folks at BTS are going to have to do dome some serious
price cutting.

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