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Re: NAB97

JKreines at aol.com wrote:
About the C-Reality  Edited
> What sort of price range?  

They would not say.

>Will it also do regular telecine and HDTV telecine at normal speed?

They were not demonstrating real time HDTV but said that it could do
real time HDTV scanning up to 30fps.

> Is it CRT-based?  


> Is this the new mirrorless machine we've been hearing about?
Yes, but where have you been hearing about it?

As for sticking ones neck out about HDTV and DTV I'll take a stab at it.
There are 10 stations in the major markets ( I could be off on the
number ) that are to come on line with DTV in 18 months starting from
April 3rd. Some are commiting to the fall season of 1998. KOMO in
Seattle is allready transmitting. The CBS station in New York is to
began transmitting in this spring and the ASTC test center in has been
transmitting. There is a list of the stations floating around but I
don't have it next to me. KNBC is on that list for us here in LA. 

The big question is DTV going to be HDTV. Only the Broadcasters have
that answer. NBC and CBS seem to be leaning to broadcasting 1920x1080
interlace for there prime time hours and maybe upconverting non prime
time until they can get all their production into HDTV. The rumor about
ABC is that they are considering 1280x720 progressive. 

Panasonic was showing their D-5's playing back both 1920x1080i and
1280x720p. They also had a interesting 32 inch multi sync monitor. 

Sony had only a chat with pictures of their CCD field array real time
pin reg'd Telecine available some time in the future. They would not
comment on the price tag. They will show the real thing at IBC. They
also had lots of HD support gear they were demoing. HD Camera with simu
525 out, HD VTR in a Digi Beta box with a 525 out as well, HD production
swicther, and HD DVE.

The show was quite overwhelming in size and with 2 days I didn't get to
see everything. It was interesting to listen to all the broadcasters
from around the US TV stations talk about this CCIR 601 "thing". I got
the feeling that composite analog has seen its glory days.

Howard "sore feet" Lukk

thanks to Peter Wallace, Deidre McClelland and Gary Little at Digital 
Post in Auckland for their support of the Telecine Internet Group in 1997
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