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Re: NAB97

 Hello Jeff,
 I must say that the instant sync
is everything it was billed to be
and more.  I was impressed by the
way that every scene was in sync as
soon as the image was visible. And
the ease of operation was remarkable.
But what I am really excited about
is the fact that the system makes it
possible to sync any combination of
audio time code and film speed.
Because of the way the system recalls
data, the frame rate of the time code
on the original audio master is no
longer of concern. I think this feature,
combined with the versatility of instant
sync in the telecine or after the session
will revolutionize the way we do dailies.
 While my views are based upon having
spent two days demonstrating the system,
I think it is important to get the word
out. I knew nothing about the system prior
to NAB and had nothing to do with the
development. I came to NAB expecting to
find a work in progress. My mistake.
          Happy transfers,
     Chandler R. (Randy) Coonfield
                                      doctorpepper at scvgvine.com
                                      doctorpepper at msn.com

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