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Re: NAB97

On Sun, Apr 13, 1997 3:00 PM, doctorpepper at thevine.net wrote: 
-> Hello Jeff,
-> I must say that the instant sync is everything it was billed to be
-> and more.  I was impressed by the way that every scene was in sync as
-> soon as the image was visible. And the ease of operation was remarkable.
-> But what I am really excited about is the fact that the system makes it
-> possible to sync any combination of audio time code and film speed.
-> Because of the way the system recalls data, the frame rate of the time
-> code on the original audio master is no longer of concern. I think this
-> feature, combined with the versatility of instant sync in the telecine

As the lurking audio geek I must come out from under the console to say:

STOP!  don't ever, repeat, EVER say,

"the frame rate of the time code on the original audio master is no longer
of concern"

in public, or even in private if a producer is anywhere within 200 yards or
I will find out where you live and, upon hearing this conveyed to me either
on location or in my mixing suite, come to your house and pull up all of
the daisies in your garden.

John "the vegetarian" McDaniel

John McDaniel  <johnmcd at iac.net>
Sonic Arts Digital Audio Services, Inc.
 "The public are swine and advertising is
the rattling of a stick in the swill bucket."
                 G. ORWELL

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