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Dear Fellow TIG'ers,
  Frankly, I'm a bit surprised there hasn't been more dialogue
about the Cintel Gold or Diamond since the NAB. It has been
mentioned in the past that all the Diamond has are after market
options bolted on but I think this is over simplifying things. Not
to mention the "Diamond Set" PEC stabilization which is not
aftermarket. In my opinion I thought the Cintels looked better than
ever. Does anyone agree/ disagree?
  Also, the C-Reality panel has been mentioned and I have to ask.
Isn't it better that Cintel offers a panel with primaries, secondarys
and windows on it's debut rather than wait for other companies to
catch up? No offense but I get the feeling Davinci has plenty on it's
plate right now as is. When they do though I'm sure it will be welcome
because after all, competition is what makes us all strive to be better.

Rich Montez- colorist
Complete Post Inc.- Hollywood, Ca.   

thanks to Howard Sisko and Richard Montez for supporting the Telecine 
Internet Group in 1997
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