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RE> Richard Terpilowski

RE> Richard Terpilowski
4:53 PM
To Rob Lingelbach <rob at alegria.com>, telecine internet group <telecine at alegria.com>

RE:  Richard Terpilowski, Telecine Engineer 525 Post /
Hollywood  accident

Richard's condition has not changed much since his accident
on Sunday afternoon, April 6.  He was propelled off of his
horse due to a broken stirrup and hit his head on a metal
post.  He is an accomplished  jumper and was very
experienced with precision horseback riding.  He has been in
a coma ever since.  He is very lucky that he was riding with
a friend.  The friend went for help.  If he had been alone,
I am not sure he would still be with us.  

He has been heavily sedated and only this week has been
weaned off the heavy medication that was used to keep him
still.  The doctors do not know if there is brain damage,
but he did have critical cranial pressure for a brief time
over the weekend.  The presure on the brain has been one of
their concerns and they are trying to decrease the pressure
to normal levels as soon as practical.  

We did get some very encouraging news today from the
hospital.  It seems they were able to sit him up in bed and
he was able to turn his head in reaction to the people in
the room.  He still is not speaking or opening his eyes, but
he is at least now responding to the environment around him.

525 Post brought his mother, father,sister and brother over
from the UK to be with him last Tuesday.    We all hope
being with the family will bring him out of the coma soon. 
The family is very appreciative of all of the support from
his friends and the telecine community.  

Richard has many friends in the UK and Los Angeles, inside
and outside of the television business.  

He is in intensive care at:
Holy Cross Hospital
Critical Care Pavilion
15031 Rinaldi Street
Mission Hills, California 

They do not allow flowers in the Critical Care Pavilion and
visitation has been limited to family and close friends over
the last week.  

Every little bit of positive news has been welcome.  He did
suffer some loss of oxygen before the medics arrived, but we
are told that it was a very brief time period so we are all
hoping that this very bright, very personable person will
come back to us in the same condition as he has always been

If anything more positive comes along, I will pass it along.
 His college and BBC/MPC friend, Mike Orton of Editel LA,
has been with him for several days and will have more to
add, once he gets a chance.  

All of us at 525 Post hope for the very best for Richard. 
We all look forward to his smiling face and excellent jokes
some day very soon.  

Dennis Morton
VP Engineering
525 Post / Hollywood

Date: 4/14/97 9:04 AM
To: dmorton
From: Rob Lingelbach <rob at alegria.co

On Apr 15,  4:05, Craig Fearing wrote:
} Subject: Richard Terpilowski

> Any further news about Richard Terpilowski ?

I haven't heard anything Craig.

> Was the accident NAB related ?

no.  It happened while horseback riding, apparently a
stirrup broke,
Richard fell from the horse, and wasn't breathing for 15

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