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Ursa 4.2.2 > 4.4.4 update -Reply

>>> philip budden <phil at das-werk.de> - 4/16/97 1:31 PM >>>
>Has anyone experience with an Ursa 4.2.2 to 4.4.4 update?

We upgraded our Ursa 4.2.2 to 4.4.4 a couple years ago.  The
installation went fine and resulted in a noticeable improvement in 
resolution .  

>How is the performance compared to an Ursa Gold?

Cintel tell us the performance is the same as a Gold--especially when
all the other little mods the field engineers know about are put on.

>What snags have you had? 
>Did you have to add any further mods?

The Meta-speed servo system did have to be altered, which we had
installed after the 4.4.4 upgrade.  Ours was the first 4.4.4 machine
for Brad and Cintel changed a number of things that had to be
accounted for.  So, yes, the servo for a 4.2.2. machine did not work
without changes on a 4.4.4 machine.

Our daVinci 8.8.8 required no additional changes that I can recall.

Mike Chiado

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