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Colorist, Melbourne, Australia

now appearing on the webpage classifieds:

Colorist, Melbourne, Australia
Complete Post is a boutique high tech post house specialising in
design and post of high end TVC's, telefeatures and feature films.
Our work is derived from both an international and a local client base
and has a strong focus on image design and visual effects.
We are inviting expressions of interest from Colorists with high level
expertise and experience in the above areas to join our telecine team.
Our URSA GOLD suite has Pogle DCP with ESR, Jump free, Aaton keykode
system, DVNR noise reducer & scratch concealer, Frame store, Custom
light filters,16/35mm and super16/super 35mm gates.
You will need to be progressive in a client focussed environment with
skills to work within a creative, well organised team.  All
expressions of interest should be directed in confidence to:
Chris Schwarze
Complete Post Pty Ltd
12 Thistlethwaite Street
South Melbourne  3205
Tel 613 9699 4633
Fax 613 9699 3226
Email  chris.schwarze at completepost.com.au

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