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NAB 97

Considering NAB saw the introduction and demonstration of a number of
new and significant technologies for film transfer I am a little suprised at
the lack of discussion concerning these new innovations. Choices were
limited a year or so ago to a BTS FDL90 or Quadra, URSA Gold or MK3
Turbo machine. We now have Quadra, Spirit, URSA Diamond, C- Reality,
AVD HR 1440, Turbo 3, and the new Sony machine. Most of these
products were either new product introductions or had significant
options launched.
Although we manufacturers are not always vocal on the TIG, we all
definitely read the postings and use this as constructive feedback for
product enhancements and improvements.
After returning from NAB I was expecting to see the TIG on fire with
discussions about all these new film scanners yet there has been very
Anyone care to share their opinions of the new film scanning products
at NAB ?
Steve Russell
Philips BTS

thanks to Bob Festa, Glenn Eason, Omar Godinez, David Bernstein, and Gerry 
Brodersen for supporting the Telecine Internet Group in 1997
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