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State of the TIG

Steve Russell writes:

>Considering NAB saw the introduction and demonstration of a number of
>new and significant technologies for film transfer I am a little suprised at
>the lack of discussion concerning these new innovations. 
>Although we manufacturers are not always vocal on the TIG, we all
>definitely read the postings and use this as constructive feedback for
>product enhancements and improvements.
>After returning from NAB I was expecting to see the TIG on fire with
>discussions about all these new film scanners yet there has been very
>Anyone care to share their opinions of the new film scanning products
>at NAB ?

I agree with Steve here.  And I'm going to go out on a limb...

There is a real pall over the TIG.  There is such fear of any discussion 
being taken as advertising or promotion that people just don't say 
anything substantive about new equipment.  I heard that one member was 
even denied posting privileges for a few days just for making a long and 
somewhat controversial (yet on-topic and interesting) post.  What is the 
point of that?  I get a lot of private EMail from TIG members about the 
state of the TIG (the word "dead" appears in many of them), and have 
publically kept quiet about it.  (I myself was kicked out for over a 
week, so I was somewhat intimidated, I think.)  But that's stupid of me.  
What is the point of remaining silent if it just perpetuates a dull 

When Rob writes:
>My opinions are my own, and not subject to influence by any
I think he doth protest too much.  Since the TIG now takes in money from 
manufacturers, Rob is worried about appearances.  So worried, he devoted 
time to writing a special script to rotate the position of manufacturer's 
logos on the web page so there would be no appearance of favoring any one 
manufacturer.  Almost obsessive about appearing impartial.  

Yet it's clear that Rob has his own biases, as do we all.  There is 
NOTHING wrong with that.  Rather than try and hide it, celebrate it.  
Come out of the closet, so to speak, everybody, and declare what you use, 
why you like it, and feel good about it.  Just because you like a piece 
of equipment doesn't mean that you are being paid off by a manufacturer, 
as some have implied! ;-)

("Hi, I'm Jeff, and I have an FDL-60..."  "Hi, Jeff!")

Telecine is a small world, with few major manufacturers.  Most people 
here have close relationships with at least two of the four or five major 
players.  They might therefore have some bias towards manufacturers they 
like (and vice-versa).  We all know that and can filter that out of posts 
if we need to.  We're adults.  But if this forum remains as moribund as 
it has been recently, it serves little purpose.  

Recently Gabe Wiener, who moderated with a heavy but fair hand the 
Pro-Audio mailing list, died suddenly of a heart attack.  He was only 27, 
but was a real pioneer in digital audio, forensic audio, and classical 
music recording.  After any trade show he would post long, detailed 
reports re what was good and what was bad, what manufacturers were smart 
and who was being stupid,  with no punches  pulled.  Open and informed 
discussion was encouraged.  Manufacturers and users often did (useful) 
battle, and ended up improving products, to the benefit of all.  There 
was no fear of a manufacturer's post being taken as advertising -- that 
was self-policing -- if a manufacturer made a fool of themselves with a 
lot of hype, they were treated as foolish.   It was a great forum...  a 
model of what the TIG could be (and almost was until recently).  Gabe 
will be missed, but his example might be helpful to us here.

So, please, let's discuss what people liked and hated and were intrigued 
by at NAB.  If there are problems with "fear of promotion" and such, 
well, I guess we can always start a new list...   something I don't want 
to see happen.  But it's time to turn the TIG back into something truly 
useful, or else let it wither and die.

I look forward to hearing from you all, either publically or via private 

Jeff "hoping that my own posting rights remain intact" Kreines

thanks to Seamus O'Kane of VTR for supporting the 
Telecine Internet Group in 1997
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