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Re: State of the TIG

On Apr 16, 20:08, JKreines at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: State of the TIG

> (I myself was kicked out for over a 
> week, so I was somewhat intimidated, I think.) 

Jeff, this was a private matter between you and me, but since you've
now made it public, I will state the case here, because you seem to
have misunderstood it again.

You were dropped from the group because you were refusing to honor an
agreement regarding a transaction made via the TIG.  You eventually
honored the agreement, so were reinstated.  Pure and simple.

> I think he doth protest too much.  Since the TIG now takes in money from 
> manufacturers, Rob is worried about appearances.  So worried, he devoted 
> time to writing a special script to rotate the position of manufacturer's 
> logos on the web page so there would be no appearance of favoring any one 
> manufacturer.  Almost obsessive about appearing impartial.  

ahhh..... just a second here pardner.  I rotated the logos because I
saw it as 1) a fun programming exercise and 2) a better way to do
things.  Your complaint about my having done that is misconstrued and
strange.  You characterize me as 'so worried'... I don't think you
know me very well.

> But if this forum remains as moribund as 
> it has been recently, it serves little purpose.  

The group is always a bit slow after the shows.  Happened in 1995 and
1996.  I'm not sure why, but it might be because a lot of us have
networked at the show, so don't see much utility in email, for a
little while...

> music recording.  After any trade show he would post long, detailed 
> reports re what was good and what was bad, what manufacturers were smart 
> and who was being stupid,  with no punches  pulled.  Open and informed 

I've asked Rich Torpey to post reports of the discussion on NAB by Mark
Shubin in NYC.

> But it's time to turn the TIG back into something truly 
> useful, or else let it wither and die.

huh?  Chicken Little comes to mind.

> well, I guess we can always start a new list...

I guess you can...

If nothing else, your post will bring a withering response from me, in
defense of something many people find extremely useful.  The
advertising rules were developed over time and with a lot of input
from all the subscribers; if you'd like to change them then I'd post
constructive, helpful suggestions, and leave out the attacks on me.


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