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FWD>State of the TIG

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As someone who spent three(3) days at N.A.B. seeing vaporware, videotapes of
potential products, and telecines transferring perfect exposed Kodak neg I
think the reason no one is saying much is because there is not a lot to be
said.  If people who did not even attend feel those of us who did are
withholding some superior knowledge of television's future they are wrong.  I
am not very old (30)  but have been in professional television since I was
fourteen running master control for a CBS affiliate - I won't say I am jaded
about new products and technology, but have seen enough that I am not easily
impressed by "showware."  I think the thing that most impressed me was
Quantel's product line, the JVC/Hughes projection televisions and the "world's
largest rollercoaster" at a casino in Stateline, NV - what a ride!!!  

If some feel a "pall" is over this group maybe it is because we are busy both
at work and living our lives rather than spending endless hours discussing
products that are not real or overpriced and underperforming.  I suggest that
those who feel that they could run the group better trot on down to their
local server dealer and buy one and setup shop and see just how easy it is. 
Maybe no one will show up but at least it won't be "biased" or "dead" - to
them anyway.
Am I pissed - you bet ya.
Questions, comments, ect???

Clark Bierbaum
Ursa Gold and DUI (ho-hum)
Video Tape Associates

thanks to Seamus O'Kane of VTR for supporting the 
Telecine Internet Group in 1997
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