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Seeking NAB-97 comments?

For me, this NAB was mostly "Dog Bites Man".

For the most part, I didn't see anything I didn't already know
about or any major departures from expectations.

I would like to add that although Cintel showed more than I
expected, it was more evolutionary than revolutionary.  This
is not at all meant to diminish their efforts; in fact I think
they might have set themselves up with a pretty good technology
springboard for future enhancements.  But the magic "12 months"
has to be viewed with some skepticism by those of us (which by
now is ALL of us) who have been down this road before.  In other
words, wake me at IBC or next NAB.

The 2 things that really tickled me at this show were the Quantel
improvements (wow! that Bravo package... and that Domino!... and the
near-future Java stuff, now we're talking!) and the DLP 3-chip 
projectors, especially the Digital Projection (RANK) model.  Holy
cow!  Even the Electrohome 3-chip DLP looked good, but the custom
resizing engine in the DP unit looked better.


[PS- I personally find this TIG EXTREMELY useful, but hey, we're
all human here and prone to opinions, biases and occasional out-
busrts (been there, done that) but life goes on.  Its nature will
be determined by the PEOPLE who make it up as a whole, not by ONE
person.  So my advice is to hang in there, don't panic, don't worry,
be happy.  I think Rob has done us a valuable service; better to
have this with a few warts than nothing at all. 42.]

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