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Re: FWD>State of the TIG

Well, I would like to start a new subject line.  What are people 
doing with overexposed neg?  Since my arrival here, I have been 
dealing with negative up to 2 stops (guess) overexposed.  They are 
flat and have to be forced open with vices and all sorts of tools!

I was beginning to be concerned about the labs, but really the 
exposure seems to be the major concern primarily.  

I have started to experiment with filtering my light source before it 
hits the negative.  Magenta seems to help to give me more colour 
contrast.  As per usual in these matters, it will take time to 
convince the shooters here to lighten up a little!

Anyone got any comments?

Regarding the latest outbreak of war ;-)

I remember discussing with Rob about the early days of the TIG, when 
the group was small and they used to write scathing postings about 
manufacturers....  All sounded fun! But now that the group has 
swelled to rather large proportions, postings have to be slightly 
more civil. Having said that I understand that quite a large number 
of people are allowed to listen but not to post under threat of 
dismissal!  My other observation is that for many years Telecine has 
been in the realm of "black art", you know, witches, broomsticks, and 
black hats.  Everybody has had their own ideas of how to deal with 
their own challenges, from being along way away from the 
manufacturers to dealing with what I have mentioned above.  Thus a 
number of very strong personalities have come to the for and so to 
get a large community like ourselves to agree on anything is going to 
be a little tricky.

I for one kinda like outbursts (from time to time) as they trigger 
responses, admittedly not always positive, but usually.

My last and not least comment is about Richard.  My thoughts are for 
his recovery, but more so for his friends and family who are enduring 
such a strain.  Even though I spent many years in London, I only met 
Richard once at the World Media last year.  I  was struck immediately 
by his gentleness and warmness.  Keep your strength up Mike and 
friends, your positiveness will work wonders.

If this all gets too much, please send me e-mail to cancel!


Diplomacy is the art of saying "nice doggy" until you can find a rock.

thanks to Seamus O'Kane of VTR for supporting the 
Telecine Internet Group in 1997
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