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Re: State of the TIG

Jeff Krienes writes a great deal. Why bother reprinting it when it is 
painful enough to read the first time. As someone who spent quite a few 
days at NAB I came back home and had this bizarre desire to spend time 
with my family and run a business. I have no secrets to hide and no 
information that can open any doors of knowledge for anyone. Like the 
rest of the people in this business I have no idea what the future 
holds and hope we make the right choices in equipment to survive in the 
future.Maybe we need to digest what we saw before we discuss it.
I do know this: I have known Rob for about 17 years and nothing can be 
further from the truth than what Jeff writes. I am offended and hurt 
for Rob.I and all the people I speak to feel that he does a remarkable 
job handling a rather rowdy bunch. My company gladly supports TIG in a 
prompt fashion because we feel we gain useful and insightful 
information here. 
Rob is a top colorist in a top market so he sure is not doing TIG for 
the money or to suck up to manufactures. Get with it Jeff, they suck up 
to him. If you want to take your ball and go play in another sandbox 
PLEASE do so.
I apologize to the rest of the group. I don't post very often but this 
nonsense just got under my skin. The opinions expressed here are sure 
as hell my own.
Domenic Rom
Duart Film and Video       

thanks to Seamus O'Kane of VTR for supporting the 
Telecine Internet Group in 1997
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