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This years NAB I found to be one of the better shows that I have been to
(maybe because I was not looking only at telecine gear). I agree that
most of the so called new products at the show, were for the most part,
not very new, but rather improvements of existing products. The spirit
of course really looked very good with it's lattest improvements. I also
looked at the sony telecine demo thing, and I must say that the little
that they were showing did look promising. The Diamond package also
impressed me. But none of this is really new. The thing that I find a
little scary is the upgrade options becoming available to the URSA line.
I would hate to see a beautiful machine like an URSA turned into a
"bastard" like most of the MKIII telecines that we have all worked on.
We all know how much fun that hole thing can be, trying to go through
the documentation, if any is available, to figure out where a problem is
originating .So far this has not been a problem as there have really
been very little in the way of upgrade options for this line. (enough
about my fears)

One other product that really took me by surprize was Discreet Logic's
FIRE. Once again, not a new product, but WOW. The improvements that they
have made to the software handles were amazing. Truely the future of our
editing neighbors. Also looked at Microsoft's Digital Studio, this
product also shows a great deal of promise, although I thought they had
a LONG way to go before they can rival products like FIRE. I was however
surprized to see how many manufacturers were still giving floor space to
products such as switchers. Clearly with technology moving as quickly as
it is toward a truely non-linear on-line solution, most places MUST be
trying to hold off on the purchasing of a switcher at this point in the

I was also a little surprized by the hole Windows NT vs SGI thing this
year. A year ago, it looked as if NT was really making a move for this
market. This year, I expected the amount of NT products to be
everywhere. Their presents really didn't move at all, where as the
little SGI boxes (O2, Octane, and Onyx systems) where all over the

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