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Re: State of the TIG

The fact that Jeff's comments were passed through to the group speaks volumes
about the management of the mailing list.    I have been barred from at least
two other mailing lists for attempting to post disagreements.   I think Rob
is doing a fine job.

Insofar as activity on the list is concerned, I know that my posting habits
have changed greatly since I first signed on (at around the 100 mark).
    Now, more than then, a post to this list is a post to the entire telecine
community.   I cringe to think of some of the looser comments I made early
on, which can now be pulled from the archives by simply searching under my
name as author.    

Still, I'm one of the lucky ones--the owner of the company I work for has
never attempted to moderate my tongue in this forum.   I wonder, though,  how
many out there have have been told "don't post---only look?"

Jim Erickson--Colorlab

thanks to David Gustafson of CFI & Drew Marsh of Filmworkers Club 
for supporting the Telecine Internet Group in 1997
mailinglist digest available......posting guidelines on the webpage