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RE>Re: RE>Diamond

                      RE>Re: RE>Diamond                            18/4/9
>Am I mistaken in thinking that this machine is a resurrection of the 

Ken,  did you sit in on the demo at NAB?
Peter Swinson gave a clear description on the development of this exciting machine and answered any questions from the floor that were thrown at him.
"Jabba" was an in house working name and C reality is the final product name.
Products as complex as a telecine with state of the art optical, mechanical and electronic engineering are not popped out in a few months.
The design was carefully planned and developed over a period of years.
For me, I felt very proud of Cintel at NAB.
Here was a company that had been through some major company changes and have released a stunning telecine in concept form that is clearly way ahead of any existing machine.
Looking around the stand with the new look Diamond and the now shipping Klone, Cintel looked very hi tech.
(shame about the old green booth though!)
I for one, will be purchasing two C realitys when they ship.

Paul Grace :-)

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