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State of Group

State of the group:  Well, I have been associated with computer groups,
Ham Radio groups, Motorcycle groups, and other social groups. In each
group, over time, there is always some "friction" that develops between
members.  Some groups have differing amounts of friction that others. 
As groups grow, splinter groups form, and that is probably why there are
as diverse Ham Radio or Motorcycle clubs as there are.  This is normal
from what I've seen. I have never found a group that didn't have a few
more-than-vocal people in it, and I don't take isue with the excess
volume.  I figure you'll get a feeling on what kind of person I am by
what I write, and I do the same of you.  As a one-year member of the TIG
group, I have learned that some of my ideas are correct, some are not. 
No-where else could I learn this information from people who are so open
and helpful.  I don't put many messages up here; one rather funny
trouble call experience; one warning about P/S converter chips; question
about Sony demo, and this one.  If I have a question though (as some of
you have found out via private E-mail), I'll definately ask!

My NAB feelings: (My last NAB: 1968 "Excuse me, Where are the Quads?") 
Spirit looked real good. I agree with David, its the only out of the box
HD unit now.  I feel that when limiting factor is HD Color Correction.
When that becomes real time, with all its features in one pass, THEN
you'll see sales in HD telecines take off, but who will be the players?
What will be the HD format? HD4-2-2, HD4-4-4, HD8-4-4 ?  Is the same
arguement with 525/625 formats going to repeat itself in HD?  Does one
device have to contain all the handles?  

Thanks to Rob and the TIG for an open forum to learn from and a place to
share information about the strange business we call home.

Jan Janowski

thanks to David Gustafson of CFI & Drew Marsh of Filmworkers Club 
for supporting the Telecine Internet Group in 1997
mailinglist digest available......posting guidelines on the webpage