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Steven Flippin wrote:
> I would hate to see a beautiful machine like an URSA turned into a
> "bastard" like most of the MKIII telecines that we have all worked on.
> We all know how much fun that hole thing can be, trying to go through
> the documentation, if any is available, to figure out where a problem is
>Did anyone else notice how this beautiful machine (the Ursa) was outdone 
in noise performance by the "bastard" Mark III (Turbo III) in Cintels 
own booth. I suspect that aftermarket development on the Ursa is 
required to keep up with what is possible on the Mark III with the 
proper bits. (Kudos to the Turbo III and HR 1440 people). It reminds me 
of the Cobra (British handling and style with U.S. horsepower and 
hotrodding knowhow) giving the Jaguar E-types a good beating. (Obscure 
mid-60's racing history reference). Vince.

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