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Thank You

Many thanks for those 500 plus industry friends that attended the Telecine
Fun Night during NAB.  It was great to spend a bit of social time together
and just a small way for the party sponsors to express our heartfelt
gratitude for the continued support displayed throughout the year.

We plan to have another one next year (tentatively scheduled for Tuesday,
April 7th)..  We're posting this now so that those who couldn't attend the
last one (due to travel schedules) can have the chance to rectify this for
next year.

Congratulations to Paul Grace of Rushes/London on being selected as this
year's Nerdie Award recipient.  As Rob (last year's winner) quite rightfully
voiced, this distinction is a way for our industry to recognize the person
who has gone above and beyond the call of duty within the telecine realm.  We
should also extend congratulations to Chris Bacon, Dave Corbitt, Trevor
Herrmann, Ron Martin, Ralph Sargent, Jean-Clement Soret, Hermann Tam, and
Dave Tosh for making the final nomination list.  I know we all have the
utmost respect for these very talented people and their dedication to our

Also, thanks to all who provided nominations in the box which Options had on
our booth and at the Telecine Fun Night to assist Rob in covering the
expenses he incurs for the TIG.  I think we all agree that Rob has created an
invaluable service for those of us in the telecine industry.  Voluntary
donations are also a way to display to Rob our gratitude.  I encourage all of
you who have yet to make a donation, to please do so directly to Rob.

All the best,
Donna  at  OPTIONS
on behalf of the Telecine Fun Night Sponsors:

Cintel Inc.                          Peterson Int'l
Cintel Ltd.                          Ross Video
DAV                                  SADiE
DGS Ltd.                           Steadi-Film
Evertz                                VTA Tech.
Kinescope                          Video Post & Transfer
Lipsner-Smith                     VTK/Germany

thanks to David Gustafson of CFI & Drew Marsh of Filmworkers Club 
for supporting the Telecine Internet Group in 1997
mailinglist digest available......posting guidelines on the webpage