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Terps News O'day

I was able to see Richard again briefly this evening. He is very restless,
and grimaces and moves about, possibly due to pain. His evening CCU nurse
tells us that he is off the sedative, and most off the effects have worn
off now as the residual chemicals have been broken down by liver enzymes.
His feet have been splinted to avoid "foot drop", and he is due to have a
resting splint on his right hand to avoid contracture of the hand, which
would be hard to deal with in rehab.
His movements are still characterized by the trauma staff as "decerebrate
posturing", which are low-level reactions uninhibited by the higher
functions of the brain.
The better news is that he is down to about 25% ventilator assisted
breathing, and his ICP is staying low. There is much less evidence of the
pneumonia, although he still has a lung infection.

Richard's family went over to Northridge Hospital today, accompanied by my
wife (who is an Occupational Therapist), to check out their rehab. center.
This would be the next place RT would go, as soon as he is completely off
the ventilator. The center is known as possibly the foremost in this part
of the world, and their visit seems to bear this out. Richard's brother Ian
is making the arrangements for him to be transferred there as soon as
Northridge can accept him.
The rehab. program there appears to be very aggressive, and they have an
encouragingly high success rate of bringing patients out of coma state. Ian
clearly is very anxious to get this started, because not only is the
patient in a more stimulating environment, there is also a program designed
to teach family members how they can help. I'm sure this will be welcome to
Richard's parents, Joe and Sabina; at the moment, it's all down to Richard,
and it can easily feel like we are all just watching and waiting.

Long term prognosis: unchanged. Level of consciousness seems a little lower
than yesterday, again based on no hard evidence.

Many, many thanks to:

Dave Webb in LA,

Jim Hogan in Amsterdam,

and Johan Gardelius in Sweden

for being the first TIGers to pledge support to the RT Trust Fund. Please
don't forget to leave a message on the TIG Richard Terpilowski page. I have
printed out the first messages, and they are already on their way to
Richard and his family.
I look forward to the day when we can all contribute to the RT beer fund !

Thanks and God Bless

Mike Orton

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