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The state of the TIG

I'm sorry that the TIG is the subject of some concern about the lack of
discussion of NAB. As you probably now all know, many of us are still in
too great a state of shock over Richard Terpilowski's condition.

As I said in my posting on Thursday, Rob has provided us a service beyond
simply a common interest: he has managed to foster a community spirit,
which even now is active in helping one of its own. We are all
intentionally or unintentionally paying Rob the ultimate compliment by
expressing our concern and help for Richard through this medium.

Rest assured, the outrageous opinions and earthy comments will soon be back
with a vengeance!

And just to kick it off.. I cant resist saying that the only really *new*
thing I saw in my rather short stay at NAB was C-reality. I'm happy a a pig
in excrement to see the quality of film to tape increase by an order of
magnitude in *two* offerings.

News of RT on a separate posting.

Stay well

Mike O

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