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The state of TIG

In the midst of a brief moment of lucidity,
I too feel it is necessary to go out on a limb...

First, I think that the fact that anyone (including JK) could post a less than favorable message about the person who administers the group speaks volumes about the integrity of that person.

  I personally have seen a constant stream of controversy on more subjects than I can remember flowing across my desktop.  Most of the debates have contributions from the best representatives in our business.  While not all of the postings are ³jewels of wisdom², to disregard the forum would be to throw the baby out with the bath water.  None of the postings no matter how relevant or trite have any bearing on the person who provides the service of distribution.  That responsibility is on the shoulders of each author.  The only measure of our Hostıs character is in the value of the service itself.

I think it is also significant that one of our goals has been to exclude obvious advertising.  If we want that we can call the vendor.  We seek the observations of the users, the comparisons of our past, and the dreams of the future.  We have been able to come together, ignoring the competitions that exist between our respective places of business, and discuss these things.  Best of all, we can do it without our egos following along.  A sort of technical nirvana

While we all would like to think of ourselves as ³impartial² anyone with an opinion would have to take himself/herself out of that category.  That we all have our personal likes and dislikes no one would deny.  Understanding that, we must still have this as the ³rule of thumb² for the group.  Without this regulation, we risk our being taken honestly in an open forum.  Remember even the garden had itıs serpent (I promise, no more religious metaphors)

  What I understand the rules of postings to mean is that this forum should never be the private soapbox for any one person or persons.  And that the purpose here is to inform and enlighten, not to defame.  Iım sure if you have anything constructive to say, Rob would be willing to listen, as would we all.

If you think that you can do better, you are welcome to try.  I for one ( and as I have seen recently, I am not alone)  see no reason for another group.

Dwight Thornton
Dir. of Telecine Engineering
Hollywood Digital
Hollywood, Ca.

P.S.: Our thoughts and hopes for the health of RT.

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