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Terps Trust fund news

I was not able to see Richard this evening, due to working late at the
facility....we all know what that is about, do we not?

However, the news about the RT trust fund is too good to wait. As of this
evening, thanks in part to a very generous kickoff contribution from 525
Post, the trust fund stands at $5,500 in actual received checks, plus
another $1,000 or more in pledged monies on the way from the four corners
of the globe.

For a fund that was essentially set up yesterday, this is nothing short of
a miracle, and is a testimonial in its own right to the regard in which RT
is held. My aim is to be able to provide for Joe and Sabina Terpilowski to
stay at least 6 months, close to their son during his rehab.

Even if you are not financially able to make a contribution, I urge each
and every one of the TIGers to leave a message for Richard and his family
on the special RT message web page which Rob has set up. I will personally
ensure this is printed out every few days and given to his family to let
them know the volume of support out there. I'll also make sure the messages
are read out to Richard as well. You never know, he just might be

I want to give thanks for RT fund contributions from the following folks.

        525 Post Production

        Gina Fiore, Hollywood CA

        Jay Segimoto, Hollywood CA

        Andreas Wacker, Hollywood CA

        John Stevens and family, Hollywood CA

Also pledges of support from:

        Roland Brown, London

        Ken Robinson, Santiago de Chile

 Finally, I've been deeply touched by the messages of support that TIGers
have sent to me any my family. Let me say here and now that one of my
driving motivations is that Richard is the kind of guy who would do the
same for anyone he knew in distress.
As I wrote back to one of the many TIGers who sent a support message to me
        "each one of us has many buddies on the group and elsewhere who
would step up to the plate to help a friend in distress. I just happened to
be the one with the biggest mouth..... "

The Lord truly moves in mysterious ways.

God Bless

Mike Orton

| "I do not distinguish by the eye, but by the mind,      |
|   which is the proper judge of the man."                |
|         Seneca. 8 B.C.- 65 A.D.                         |

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